2020 Junior Representative Teams

The following players have been selected for Newcastle Hunters junior representative teams in 2020.

Installment 2 of Hunter Representative fee’s are due January 31st: Click here to pay.


U12 Boys’ Coaches: Jakob Dorricott (Div 1). Jackson Kirkwood (Div 2).

U12 Girls’ Coaches: Joshua Morgan (Div 1). Helen Crooks (Div 2).

U14 Boys’ Coaches: Adam Lareau (Div 1). Andrew Pitkin (Div 2). William Bowden (Div 3).

U14 Girls’ Coaches: Rebekah Wallace (Div 1). Chloe Mullaney (Div 2). Matthew Ryan (Div 3).

U16 Boys’ Coaches: Todd Turner (Div 1). Oliver Byrne (Div 2). Michael McSpadden (Div 3).

U16 Girls’ Coaches: Darren Duff (Div 1). Richard Harris (Div 2).

U18 Boys’ Coaches: Peter Astley (Div 1). David Edwards (Div 2).

U18 Girls’ Coaches: Anthony Foy (Div 1). Chad Kirkwood (Div 2).

Singlet Presentation & BBQ

6pm: Friday, January 31 at Newcastle Basketball Stadium

As the induction camp is now focused on team bonding and implementing ‘the Newcastle style of play’, all Hunters junior players will be presented with their playing singlet at a formal ceremony and barbecue. This is important so that all players/coaches/managers can identify each other and all players and parents can celebrate being a part of the Hunters community.



The 2020 Hunters Uniform Shop is now open. CLICK HERE to place orders.

We will place two (2) pre-season orders.

Order 1: Closed December 14 (expected delivery: Jan 2020)

Order 2: Closes January 20 (expected delivery: March 2020)

  • NOTE: Mandatory items are existing 2019 stock items, so if you already have these items, NO NEED to reorder for 2020 season.


2020 Newcastle Basketball Academy squads have been posted on the Academy page on this website.