Senior Super League


The draft is done, the teams are set, and the 2019 Senior Super League will tip off at Newcastle Basketball Stadium on Wednesday, October 23 (UPDATED teams below).


Please Note: The intent of this competition is to create competitive games before senior representative trials. To achieve this, we require as many of the drafted players to be available for all games. We acknowledge that this may not be achievable, therefore, we encourage players to arrive early (in time for the game before) or remain after your game, in an effort to field complete, competitive teams. This is more relevant in the Women’s and Men’s Division 2 competitions. We are not strict about maintaining consistent team rosters. All players are required to wear a Hunters reversible singlet. If you do not have one, arrive early to sort out at the front office.

The competition is designed to give Newcastle Hunters senior representative coaches a chance to assess and familiarise themselves with players before 2020 selection trials. It will be a round robin format over three rounds (starting October 23) with finals in Round 4 (1 v 2 & 3 v 4).
Newcastle Basketball will provide a free BBQ after the final round.