AS Newcastle Basketball prepares to move to our new 10-court stadium at Hillsborough in a little over 12 months, we have taken the opportunity to make some structural changes to our junior competition to continue the surge in basketball participation numbers.

As part of this process, and with the intention to make basketball cheaper for families as we continue to grow the sport in this region, negotiations with the four existing junior clubs have been ongoing for the past 18 months which have resulted in an operational restructure of the Winter Club Competition.

“We are trying to make basketball as cheap as possible so we can compete with other junior sports in the region,” Newcastle Basketball General Manager Neil Goffet said.

“We are also conscious that many families are still struggling from the lockdown earlier this year and need some help financially.

“Elyse Hicks started earlier in the year as our full-time Junior Basketball Manager, which is the most significant investment the association has made with regard to junior competition basketball.”

“We have the largest Aussie Hoops program in the state, we are the No.1 association in Australia for delivery of the Sporting Schools basketball program, and our competitions and development programs are growing out of control as a result.”

“The summer junior competition has now taken over the winter competition in terms of teams and participation numbers, and two years ago we didn’t even have a summer comp.”

As a result of these structural changes, Newcastle Basketball will take care of the administration/registration for all clubs, allowing the clubs to focus on providing their members with a personal experience, while also ensuring the traditions and culture of each club continues.

“We are taking away all the risk and hard work for our volunteers so they can concentrate on the aspects of junior basketball that they enjoy, which is coaching and developing the next generation of players,” Goffet said.

“We will absorb the administration, accounts and governance and by doing this we are removing 100% of the risk to volunteers and any associated risk to Newcastle Basketball.”

We are very pleased to announce that the Lakers Basketball Club, City Limits Basketball Club, West Basketball Club and Port Hunter Basketball Club will continue forward with Newcastle Basketball for 2021 and beyond. We thank Lakers, City Limits, West and Port Hunter clubs for their ongoing support and continued commitment to the development and growth of junior basketball as we go from strength to strength.